Why Become a Member-Owner?

Healthy choices for you and the planet

Co-op membership is the first step to reducing your environmental footprint. Food production is a major contributor to climate change and organic, carbon-friendly diets are a healthy choice - for you and the planet. Co-op members look for organic, fair-trade, products offered by vendors who subscribe to sustainable methods. A co-op membership is transferrable to any member of your household enabling all members of your immediate family to contribute to a healthier planet. 

Take charge of your shopping experience

​Through volunteer and leadership opportunities, you have the chance to help make product, business and community decisions. All members are invited to our annual meeting and have a vote in the policies that guide our operations, including voting for our Board of Directors. Members with an interest to join our leadership may do so by running for a 3-year term on our Board of Directors.

Participate in our future

Co-op membership is focused on providing The Lakes Region with a sustainable, healthy shopping alternative. Members may participate in patronage dividends, a form of profit-sharing declared by the Board of Directors in a profitable fiscal year. 


Member-Only Discounts

All members receive the following benefits:

  • Member / Owner discount days

  • Case discounts

  • Member-only product specials

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There are so many things I love about the Co-op: the friendly, knowledgeable staff, the amazing selection of local, organic produce and other products, and the wide selection of bulk ingredients. But perhaps the best thing is that it makes my life so much easier as I no longer have to leave town to get so many items that I used to have to get in Concord or Portsmouth.

— Nancy H, Wolfeboro