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Organic Vegetables

Make Shopping Easy

You will find everything on your shopping list at the Co-op. From your favorite local produce, to household cleaners, paper products, local seafood and meat, to wine and local beer - you will find all of your groceries in one place.

The Co-op supports healthy lifestyles. We cater to and satisify the needs of any diet, from vegan, gluten free, keto, vegetarian, organic, dairy free, paleo, low sugar, salt conscious, and more. 

Shop local. We are committed to supporting our local growers, specialty food producers, cottage industries and start-ups. Produce, meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, bread, maple syrup, mead, jelly, homeopathic remedies and countless other products are sourced from local farms and vendors across NH, ME, and VT. If you are interested to support local farmers, we are the best option in town. 


The best bulk in Wolfeboro. Our bulk food selection is the broadest in the community. Herbs. Spices. Oatmeal. Flour and baking needs. Rice. Legumes. Dried fruit and nuts. Chocolate. Everything you can imagine and more. Bulk buying is sustainable - it reduces product packaging waste. It is budget friendly, allowing you to buy exact quantities.

​Spectacular Supplements. While healthy diets provide vitamins and minerals essential for a well-functioning body there are times when vitamins and dietary supplements can enrich the body's ability to function. From protein powders, collagen peptides, probiotics, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals - let our supplement experts help you choose a homeopathic remedy that is right for you.

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