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Combatting Food Fraud with Trusted Food Sources

CNBC recently produced a video addressing the growing problem of food fraud across the US. Food fraud impacts each of us, as food consumers. There are four main ways food fraud occurs. First, mislabeling. Second, counterfeit products. Third, substitutions. Fourth, dilutions. It is suggested that 10% of commercially available food in the US is adulterated in some manner. That is 1 in 10 items. Imagine what that means when you have a shopping basket full of products.

Food fraud certainly has an economic impact. However, there are public health safety concerns as well. Products that have been adulterated can make you sick. They are simply not safe. Some of the food categories most frequently involved in food fraud include: dairy, spices, honey, seafood, meat, cheese, cooking oils, as well as coffee and tea.

So how do you protect yourself? One solution is to shop from known, trusted food sources. The Co-op is your local go-to. When you shop at the Co-op, you can be confident in our products. The fact that we are small, that we have one on one relationships with our food suppliers, and many of our products are locally sourced ensures our products are authentic, and safe. Just another benefit of Co-op shopping!

If you have an interest to view the full video on CNBC, the link follows. It is just over 12 minutes in length "Food Fraud Secretly Infiltrates Kitchens Across America - Here's How to Avoid It"

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