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Seasonal Self Care

Believe it or not, we are beginning the transition into early spring. Despite the snow on the ground and continued snow fall (!) there are emerging signs of seasonal transition.

Days are ever so slightly longer. Tree buds can be seen developing. Maple sugaring season is on the horizon.

As mother nature awakens from winter, it is an ideal time for each of us to focus on seasonal self care. Living "with" the seasons enables us to incorporate the balancing intelligence imbued with the season into our bodies and lives.

In fact, Ayurveda recommends cleansing at the start of each season to eliminate body toxins, or "Ama", that have accumulated from food, stress, and other factors.

Need a few ideas of how to incorporate simple spring cleansing into your schedule?

Here are three ways to rejuvenate and restore balance to your body:

  1. Enjoy a warm liquid diet of vegetable puree's or broths one day each week, or in lieu of evening dinner. Our prepared bone broths and vegan soups are a perfect choice.

  2. Drink lemon and ginger tea throughout the day. Our tea selection is extensive, and we always stock raw ginger and lemon if you prefer a natural infusion.

  3. Fortify and purify with Kitchari - the core of Ayurvedic cooking. Kitchari is a deeply nourishing one pot healing meal. Kitchari seasoning mix is available on our shelves. And our online recipe library has a wonderful and easy Kitchari recipe.

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