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Bulk Ordering 101: A Refresher Course on Bulk Ordering

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

As many of you know, our little store cannot carry everything our membership desires. Because of this, we offer to special order items for folks and some of our customers have "recurring orders" for their favorite supplements. We order them on a monthly basis so that the moment they run out, there is one waiting for them here at the Co-op! It's super handy!

Another option as a member benefit is a 15% discount on bulk orders. Below, we will break down the options and process of ordering in bulk to take advantage of this great benefit!

What is considered "bulk":

Bulk jar spices, herbs and teas- 1# bags

Bulk bin rice, grains, beans, nuts, etc- 5# minimum

Grocery items- 1 case (varies depending on product)

Supplements- 3 bottles of the same product

Other examples: 1 gallon of castile soap or detergent.

Examples of savings:

-A case of Blueberry Pomegranate juice is $35.34 for 6 bottles, but with your discount it's $30.03

-3 bottles of Megaflora 30 ct is $74.97, discounted to $63.72

What if a case is too much of a good thing?:

Back in the day of early co-ops/buyer's clubs, folks would split up big cases of items amongst other families in the club. If you know another person(s) that likes the same product as you, you could split a case with them and still receive the discount. Orders are placed on Monday morning before we open, so be sure to have you orders in by the weekend!

We are here because of and for you, so please let us help you where we can!

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