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Charitable Giving Ideas for the Holidays

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Every year Christmas comes around and people scramble to buy gifts for their friends, family and loved ones. As adults, many of us do not need "stuff", but giving to those in need and supporting your community...therein lies the true meaning of Christmas. There are plenty of children without gifts under their tree, or adults without food on the table, animals without homes and programs that provide for and enrich our community. Below are a number of different ways you can give to those in need.

Local Charities:

Other great non-local charities:

-Donate to a child in Foster Care at OneSimpleWish.

-Help out children in a military family through Operation Christmas Spirit. Donors can "adopt" a military family and provide gifts or gift cards. You can also opt to donate money online and allow volunteers to do the shopping for you. The program also allows donors to "adopt" a service member who is not married.

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