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Why Bulk is Better

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

As many of you know, we have a bulk department in our Co-op that we are slowly but surely cultivating for our member's needs. There's a handful of folks that do not use the bulk, as it is not how they are accustomed to shopping.

Here are a few incentives and advantages that bulk buying can offer.

This bottle of Simply Organic ground cumin costs $4.99 on Thrive Market. Did you know that filling a container this size from the Co-op's bulk spice department costs $2.23? That's over 50% in savings!

Another important point to consider is that these retail jars may have been sitting on the shelf for months and/or a hot warehouse for longer. The Co-ops spices come in fresh, potent and the turnover is much, much faster! Need only a tablespoon for a recipe? Can do! It'll only cost about 32 cents.

This 16 oz bottle of Peppermint Dr. Bronner's sells for $10.79 at Target, but you can fill a 16 oz

bottle/jar for $7.49! That's over 25% off!

Just bring in your old bottle or any container of your choosing, weigh it and fill with any scent of Bronner's you want! We also have laundry detergent, hand soap and all-purpose cleaner and the list is growing!

A 2 lb bag of Lundberg's Organic Brown Basmati Rice sells for $11.95 on Amazon. If you buy 2 lbs of the exact same product from our bulk department, it costs $5.18. Again, over 50% in savings! It's not just your dollars that bulk products help save.

The planet will be thankful too!!

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