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Local Farm Spotlight: Pork Hill Farm

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

I pulled up to Pork Hill Farm on a beautiful Tuesday morning to pick up our produce order. One of the owners, Katie, was busy with her staff getting CSAs put together. Everyone who works there is not only busy as can be, but always has a smile and greeting when I arrive. Just the sweetest group of people! Pork Hill Farm is one of the wonderful farms we get our produce from. We are so fortunate to not only have a good handful of farmers in our neck of the woods, but they are organic farmers too! "We started Pork Hill Farm on an acre of land with a large load of compost, seeds, a couple of shovels, and a lot of determination. With the support of our CSA and independent grocery stores, locally owned restaurants, and summer camps we have been able to grow our farm to encompass seven acres of diversified crop production."

Why We Farm

"We feel honored and lucky to be farming here. We love this work, we love the land, and we love our community.

We believe that growing local food in a responsible manner directly impacts the health and vitality of our community, environment, and economy. Our goal has always been to feed as many people as we possibly can while maintaining our standards of production and high quality produce. "

Our Farming Approach

"We are a Certified Organic farm. We do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers on our crops or anywhere on the farm. We buy organic & heirloom seeds and raise our own seedlings using a compost based potting soil.

We use compost, manure, and cover crops for soil building and fertility. We use organic and naturally derived fertilizers. We make our own compost on the farm and get manure from neighboring farms. We use cover crops and mulches to conserve our soil. We also plant and maintain pollinator habitat all around the farm."

Although buying local can mean that we do not get certain veggies during the colder months, these farms can also teach us how to enjoy other winter veggies and how to preserve summer veggies to last the winter. Farmers are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to using excess produce. Want to enjoy cherry tomatoes year round, but supermarket ones are flavorless? We can help you with that. It won't be fresh off the vine, but the flavor is there and it is delicious. The important part is that you helped a local farmer make it through the winter and you know your food came from great place. Can't get better than that!

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